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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 11:14:08 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 4 - The Alexander FactorReese and Me 4 - The Alexander Factor December 23, 2000Written by boy preteen sex Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning: The following story contians sexual content of preteen model vika a homosexual nature. It is not intended for those under the legal age. If you are offended by homosexual acts, or it is illegal preteens lovers nude in your preteen asian free locality to view such material, leave now.Note: This story is the property of the writer, any copying in part teen alpha preteen or in whole of this document is prohibited. Why? Cause I'll shoot you! JK. By the way, this story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This story is part preteen naughty of the Reese and Me Series.EMAIL me if you have any comments. mchalejamiehotmail.com_______________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 4 - The Alexander Factor I woke up Monday morning unsure of whether or not I wanted to go to school. In a way, I wanted to just pretend that I was sick and avoid Alexander and everyone else. But, on the other hand, I had to know. I had to know if Alexander had told everyone, or was cuties nude preteen going to. I dreaded it more than anything I'd ever dreaded. My preteens bikini angels reputation, and my preteen warm nn life would be ruined. And I would kill naughty preteens myself if Reese was hurt by any of this. I still was unsure how things would go down preteen models virgin between preteen rape video us if everybody found out. We loved each other. preteen pedoworld Maybe we were strong enough to handle this. I hoped so. preteen cp links I made my way into the bathroom for my shower. Still half asleep, I washed and then got dressed. I decided that if I was going to be socialy ruined, I should at least look good while it was hapenning. So, I put on one of my new t-shirts. nud preteen pic This particular one was preteens shower red and black in color. To go with it, I slipped cp preteen pix on a pair of big baggy cargo pants. I did my isl model preteen preteen panty bikini hair and was on my way down the stairs for breakfast. I ate with my parents. But I made it quick, knowing preteen sexy boys Reese would be leaving for hussyfan preteen nude school soon. I wanted to ride with him today. I wasn't sure why, but I knew that preteen adolescent bbs I wanted to. After a quick couple pieces of toast, I ran out the door for Reese's house. He was already on his way out to his Mom's car. "Good morning," I greeted, throwing my bag into the back seat. "Hey," he replied, looking a little surprised that I was sticking my bag in his car. "Mind if I ride with you today?" I asked. "No," he said with a dry tone. It was morning and he wasn't exactly in the best mood. I didn't mind. I was pretty much used to his mood patterns by that point. "Why? How come you're juicy cute preteen not taking your Dad's preteen star Cherokee to school?" "Don't feel like it," I explained as we entered the silver car. Reese started it up, and pulled back into the naked preteens russia street. Squeeling the tires a little as he started into first, we took off up the road for school. Reese shifted into second, turning to me briefly. "You okay?" he asked, a little concern in his voice. "Yeah," I said darkbbs preteen 2007 immediately. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking! Oh god, what if he told everyone?! What am I going to do?! "You sure?" he asked, gesturing nonude preteen video to my hands, "You're shaking." "Oh yeah, I'm just a little cold." sexy candid preteens "We live in California." pubic preteens "Yeah, I know, but I've got the shivers." It was a pathetic explaination, I know, but it was all that I could think of. I was too scared. "Jake," Reese said, "What the hell's going on?" I looked over to see that he was preteensmodels looking at me with concern and curiousity. He'd pulled over, and I could tell that he wanted an answer. So, I decide to give it to him. "I'm really nervous about my Math test today." It was terribly obvious that I was lying, but he bought it. Reese cracked a smile. If anything, I'd put him in a better mood. "Don't worry about it. You'll do fine." He was so caring, it broke my heart that I was lying to him. But naked preteen ladies I couldn't tell him. I just couldn't. We finally arrived at school. Reese parked the car in the back parking lot and we made our way into the twisting halls of Saint Michael's High School. Activity was busy as usual as Reese and I walked to preteen model lolotas our free petite preteens lockers. They were right next to each other close to the auditorium. I was frantically looking about, scanning the other people in the corridors. It appeared so far that no one knew. Alexander hadn't hawaiian bikini preteens told anyone. If he had the entire school would have known by that point. Gossip in this school travels so fast it's amazing. I sighed with relief, but I knew that it wasn't over yet. nonnude preteen websites Alexander still knew. asian preteens naked He still had seen those files on my computer. He could still expose my sexuality to the rest of the world. And that scared the shit out of illegal preteens fuck me. My entire world could be shattered by one masturbation movie preteen person. Reaching into my locker for my back pack, I kept looking around. Still, no one payed any special attention to me. Reese was ready to head to class, so I followed close behnd him. I knew that Alexander usually walked by my locker before first period on his way to his Englich class. I definitely was not in the mood to see him. In fact, it went beyond that, I feared seeing him. It might set him off again, and he'd expose me. As Reese and I walked into the Science lab, nn russian preteens my hands began to shake again. They shook and shook and shook all day long. And, it was a long day! I was so happy when galleries preteen sex last class rolled around and we were ready beastiality incest preteen to head home. Reese and I were at our lockers packing up when Alexander showed up behind me. "Hey guys," he greeted us. kidssex preteens sex "Hi," Reese immediately replied, smiling. He has no idea what Alexander is doing to me, I thought. I have to play this cool. "Hey, Alex," I managed to say. Alexander just ukraine preteen rape studied me for a few seconds. And when Reese finally turned back to his locker to finish packing up, he signalled me to come with him. I didn't want to, but I had to. If czech preteen nude I wanted to keep my man, Reese, and my reputation junior preteen tits and life, I had to. I took a few steps away from my locker and Reese. "What?" I asked, the impatience in my voice a little too apparent. "So you glad I didn't say anything?" he began with a menacing tone. "I could have told the entire school, but I didn't." Oh, I see you wanna real underground preteen play games! I thought, having the sudden urge to punch him in the face right there. lesbain preteens "Yeah, what do you think?" I replied, my anger growing with each passing second. "I can still destroy you," he pointed out, grinning. toppless preteen This was not the Alexander that I'd known for years. This was not the guy that I'd once called my best friend. This was the new russia preteens nudes and improved Alexander. He was nothing but a black mailing son of prity nude preteens a bitch who was obviously intent on destroying my life with Reese. I sighed, "Alex, man . . ." I stammered, trying gay preteens videos to japanese preteen schoolgirl articulate the words with smooth preteen cunny no success. "You almost ready to go?" Reese asked from behind me. preteen nudity tits I quickly turned to look at him, "Yeah, almost." Alexander lowered his tone now that Reese could hear. "Call me tonight, and I'll let you know what I have in mind." Damn you! I thought. Damn you! "You think that preteen cutie pics you can handle that Jake?" he asked with that same menacing tone. "Yeah," I finally replied. naked danish preteen "Good. See you tonight." Reese drove us home and after I refused his offer to come in with him, I crossed the street and entered my house. My parents gallery preteen nude were gone, so I just decided that I'd break down right there. I dropped to my knees russians preteens models on the hard granite floor of the foyer. Tears streaming down my face, I began to convulse violently. I couldn't beleive what was hapenning. Alexander was going to split up me and Reese. preteen sex webcam For what reasons, I didn't know, but nothing hurt me more than the thought of losing Reese. I layed there in the foyer crying for the next ten mintues. After I'd clamed down a little, I managed to stabilize myself enough to go jump in the bath. I turned on the whirlpool and layed back to try preteen underground to relax. Of course, this was impossible. I wanted Reese with me, but I knew that if I called him over, I'd tell pre teen peeing him about the whole thing. And I knew that bella preteen I couldn't do that. Six o'clock came and went. Then, seven o'clock. Reese had been calling all night. But, I couldn't answer. Because I'd break down. Finally, around seven preteens magazine thirty, I got up the nerve to call Alexander. I sat quietly in my basement waiting for someone to pick up. After two rings, Alex himself answered. "Hello," he said. preteen fashion pics "Alex?" I asked, my voice cracking. "Jake!" he exclaimed, "I thought you might not call, then I'd have to let everyone know about your little secret." I didn't know what to say, so nude preteen models I just remained silent. "Come over, Jake," he instructed, as though he could give me orders. "Why?" girls butts preteen "Cause I want you to." "I can't . . ." I lied. "Why not?" he asked impatiently. "'Cause I got homework tonight." "I don't care about your fucking homework. There will be time for you to do it later. preteen candid images After you come over." I was silent for a good couple of seconds, considering what to do. I pretty much did not have much of a choice. If I didn't do what he said, he'd tell everyone as he said he would. "Okay, whatever, I'll be there in a few minutes." Then, I hung up the phone. It was then when it really adult cartoons preteen hit me. Alexander intended to use me for sexual favors. He was going to force me to have sex with him. And if I refused, he'd ruin me and Reese. In a fit of utter rage, I screamed aloud and struck the lamp to the right of me on the end table. The glass lamp went flying through the air, shattering against the hard frame of the oposite couch. I couldn't believe what was hapenning. I wanted deperately to stop it, but I just didn't know how to do it without destroying my life. I got ready and climbed into preteen asians portal the Cherokee to head for Alexander's apartment. I drove like a nut on the way there, playing my music as loud as possible without bursting my ear drums. It was my way of getting out some anger before getting to Alex's. After arriving in front of the apartment preteen 12yo nude building, I parked my red Jeep and made my way up the entrance. It was a short elevator ride up to the ninth floor, and illeagle preteen photos an even shorter walk down the hall to Alex's apartment. Hesitantly, I knocked on the door. After nearly a minute, Alexander opened the door. He did look awesome. But, board message preteen I couldn't allow myself to think about him in that way. What he'd become was something horrible. "Hi, Jake." "Can we preteen pornography videos just get this over with, Alex?" I asked. "Sure," 12yo. preteens he smiled, inviting me in. "Welcome to my humble abode." I stepped inside, Alex closing the door free russian preteens behind me. His Mom's preteen japanese thumbs small two bedroom preteens eating pussy apartment was dimly lit, with the only light coming from the kitchen. "Why is it so dark in here?' I preteen cp kdz asked. "To make the atmosphere more comfortable," he immediately replied, still grinning. He was so happy that I'd showed up, and I was miserable. We walked preteen lingerie sex into the dark living room after I took off my shoes. He moitioned for me to sit down on the couch with him. We were way too close on that love seat. He was right good looking, but my heart was with Reese. And, I wanted nothing but to be with him at that moment. Alexander put his arm around me. We were right up against each other. With his right hand he reached over and began rubbing my crotch. I was disgusted preteen girl nymph with myself, but I soon got hard. "I'm gay too, Jake." preteen nipple play "What?" "I thought using that stuff on the internet to threaten you was the only way I could get you in the sack. Especially since you're kinda with Reese Pirelli. Are you going out with him?" "No," I blurted out. I thought that if it did come to Alexander opening his mouth, at least I could salvage Reese's reputation. "Good," he said, bringing his face right up close to mine. He kissed my cheek gently. preteen young pedo I knew that if I took off right now, he'd be so pissed that amature preteen girls he'd gothic preteen pussy tell people whatever he wanted. So, I decided to endure it. I loved Reese more that anything, and I wanted to be faithful to him, but this hot guy was getting it on with gallery preteen boys me and I was hard. I couldn't believe what I was preteen photo beach doing, but I was doing it. Alexander soon got on top of me, straddling preteen bbs young me. He bent down to kiss me, and we frenched. He pulled off his t-shirt and I soon did the same. He closed his eyes, obviously enjoying this more than I was. He took my hands and guided them down onto his bulging crotch. model preteen super I stroked him good. I was soon getting comfortable. I decided to close my eyes for the most part and just imagine Reese. Alex's cut six incher soon made an appearance. He stripped down and stood up in front of me. His beautiful dick was sticking into my face. I took it preteens naked raped in my hands and began to beat him off. He gripped the back of my head and began to pull it toward his rod. I didn't want myself to want to, but I soon took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him off good, settling into the role. Gripping his firm ass cheeks, I pumped his dick into my mouth until he blew all of his load into my mouth. Alexander leaped back down onto the couch. We forbiden preteen pics made out preteen bbs password and eventually wrestled each other to the floor. He sucked my cock there on preteen naked links the carpet. He said he was a beginner, but he did a nude preteen scholgirls pretty good job. I blew my hot cum right down his throat. Then, he fucked my ass hard. preteen wearing thongs We assumed every position that we knew. He blew it two more times pumping my ass hole doggy style. I tossed him off of me. Breathing hard, we moaned with enjoyment. I kissed and licked every square inch of his body. And by the time I'd started fucking galeries preteen him, I'd completely forgetten about Reese. I turned him over and layed down on top of his back. Thrusting my rock hard tool into his eager orifice, Jake screamed. He loved it, and so did I. Way too into it at preteen pantiy models that point, I began to pump him hard, moaning more and more with each passing second. For nearly a half hour, I fucked Alex. The sweat pouring down my face and onto his wet back, we squirmed and fucked some more. He screamed, and I screamed with him as I blew it into his ass again and again. By the time I pulled out of him, my dick was raw. Minutes passed by as we lay together on the carpet. I didn't hold him. That was reserved for Reese. It sexy preteens nude wasn't until then when I felt sick to girl preteen photos my stomach. I had done it. I had cheated on my man, Reese. Wanna hear more about Reese cutest preteen and Jake? boys bbs preteen EMAIL me at
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